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Melting glaciers endanger human life on the coastal areas. It can cause landslides and other land collapses. Increase in average temperatures is the major problem caused by global warming. The average global temperature has increased by about 1. Such temperatures turn our environment into a breeding ground for infections and diseases.

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The worst thing is that increased dryness and greenhouse gases serve as natural fuels for wildfires. Scientists have predicted the effects for the future based on the climate changes due to the global warming problem. Snow cover is projected to contract. Sea ice is projected to shrink in both Antarctic and Arctic. Future tropical cyclones will become more intense.

Climate Changes And Climate Change Essay

Heavy precipitation events, heat waves, and hot extremes will become more frequent. Arctic late-summer sea ice can disappear by the end of the 21 st century. Sea level rise and anthropogenic warming will continue for centuries. People should cut power consumption in order to reduce the effects of global warming. We should buy less polluting cars, get more efficient refrigeration, and reduce water heating requirements.

We should also fly less or not at all. Such measures will definitely influence modern society a lot. However, it is important for every person to do something to prolong life on earth. Just think, there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any point in the last , years. Air quality is affected greatly by the global warming.

The air pollution caused by overabundance of carbon dioxide, vehicular emissions, and power plants influences the human respiratory system. A lot of people all over the world suffer from respiratory diseases.

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  • The surface of our planet can warm by 6 degrees this century. Information that will make your essay even more interesting and catching The Arctic is one of the worst places affected by global warming. More than 1 million species have become extinct due to the effects of global warming. The Montana Glacier national Park has only 25 glaciers instead of that were there in the year Human activities release around 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

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    Severe natural disasters caused by global warming have left millions of people impoverished and homeless. Jungle leaves become less nutritious for the animals that feed on them as they accumulate more fiber and less protein.

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      Why Climate Change Pundits Aren’t Convincing Anyone

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      I tend to think of myself as an optimist, of the opinion that through thoughtful action we can see the positive changes we want for the world. It was there, at the front lines of the fight against climate change, that I witnessed people taking up the task that I had been too timid to even consider. For farmers in Northern Burkina Faso on the edge of the Sahel desert though, climate change is a daily reality.

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      Last year, like many years in recent memory, the rains came late. Uncertainty has become the new normal for those living off of an unforgiving landscape where population pressures, deforestation and unsustainable farming practices have paved the way for the Sahel desert to creep ever closer. But farmers in Northern Burkina Faso are not sitting idly as the climate changes around them. For many years they have been adapting farming techniques to conserve water and regenerate soil in an effort to reclaim land from the desert and to adapt to changing weather patterns.

      Although drought remains a threat year-on-year, the devastating famines experienced in the s have so far been averted. However these gains are fragile, and many of the poorest farmers are unable to take on any further investment or dedicate any additional labour to continue to help the region adapt. I left Burkina Faso feeling both humbled by the tireless efforts of people who are combatting desertification and climatic change, but also with a newfound optimism for the efficacy of actions towards a more sustainable world.


      To find out more about how farmers in Burkina Faso are finding solutions to climate change, take a look at this short film:. Welcome back! Sign in to start taking action. Sign up Sign in with Facebook or.

      Essay: In dealing with climate change we need to take the heat out of our cities – WikiTribune

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