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These include human biology, psychology, biology, and chemistry. Want to know what you should be doing right now to prepare for pre-med programs?

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Check out our complete guide on how to prepare for pre-med in high school. We also recommend the 7 books every pre-med student should read in this article. Start by shadowing a physician , and check out our guide to 59 great med programs for students in high school. What's after med school?

Pre Med & Medical School Admissions Timeline & Requirements 2019-2020

Check out our guide on the seven steps to becoming a doctor to see what you'll need to do once you're a pre-med. We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score.

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Download it for free now:. She has taught English and biology in several countries.

Studying Medicine in the USA

How to Get a Perfect , by a Perfect Scorer. Score on SAT Math. Score on SAT Reading. Score on SAT Writing.

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What ACT target score should you be aiming for? How to Get a Perfect 4. How to Write an Amazing College Essay. A Comprehensive Guide. Choose Your Test. What Is Pre-Med? Key Requirements for Medical School. What Does Pre-Med Mean? Classes As a pre-med, one of your most important responsibilities will be making sure you take all the prerequisite coursework required for med school.

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  6. In general though, most med schools expect you to have taken the following classes: One year of biology with lab One year of general chemistry with lab One year of organic chemistry with lab One year of physics with lab At least one semester of biochemistry A math requirement some schools require calculus, some require statistics, some require both One year of English Remember, these are just the bare minimum of classes you need to meet basic requirements for med schools.

    Psychology Many pre-meds major in psychology, especially those planning on becoming psychiatrists. Summary What is pre-med? What's Next?

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    Prerequisites For Health Professions Schools - Pre-Professional Advising

    Please consult with your general advisor to discuss your AP credits and your plans to repeat coursework, if applicable. Most medical programs do not have a specific mathematics requirement, though some schools require one or two semesters of mathematics taken at the college level. Most programs will accept AP or other test credit for calculus, but students who plan to apply to programs which specifically require a semester of calculus taken at the college level can choose to either forfeit their test credits and repeat the coursework at NYU, or take the next level calculus class available.

    For students who have test credits for calculus but need to take a semester of mathematics non-calculus-specific , we recommend enrolling in an appropriate statistics course at NYU. An understanding of statistics will be helpful for MCAT preparation and may be required for select medical and dental schools. Nearly all schools of the health professions require at least two semesters of English composition. These programs expect applicants to demonstrate competency in grammar and composition, as well as comprehension and analysis of dense written material.

    The Preprofessional Advising Center strongly encourages prehealth students to take a second English or writing elective from one of these two departments, because their courses are most likely to be legible to health professions admissions personnel. We recognize that students are responsible for reporting their own coursework to application services, and note that courses in other departments can be classified as English coursework, but encourage students who plan to use courses offered in departments other than English or Expository Writing to keep copies of graded work and syllabi for these courses, in case verification of the course content is needed during the admissions process.

    Students in Liberal Studies, Steinhardt, Stern, members of NYU's Opportunity Programs, and any other students who are required to take two semesters of writing coursework as part of their programs should note that this course sequence can satisfy professional schools' requirements. These students are encouraged to consider further writing-based coursework on an elective basis, if they have space in their schedules, but they are not required to plan for a third writing-based course.

    The Preprofessional Advising Center strongly recommends Introduction to Psychology PSYCH-UA 1 as an individual-level social science course, and recommend that students choose a second course focused on population-level topics. The science courses described at the top of this page represent the minimum requirements for admission to medical and dental programs.

    Students are encouraged to build upon this foundational curriculum and choose advanced science electives, with the help of prehealth and major advisors, to demonstrate competency in higher-level coursework. Skip to Main. Fall Prehealth Events.

    Required courses and their prerequisites The requirements for four-year doctoral programs in many healthcare professions, including medicine and dentistry, are similar, and are standardized across most professional schools. Course No. Course Sequencing As a general rule of thumb, CAS prehealth students who are calculus ready will take General Chemistry plus labs , Calculus I if no AP credit , and Writing the Essay as first year students, regardless of their intended major.

    AP Calculus Most medical programs do not have a specific mathematics requirement, though some schools require one or two semesters of mathematics taken at the college level. English or writing coursework Nearly all schools of the health professions require at least two semesters of English composition.